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Jan 29, 2019

Pancreatic cancer kills more than 40,000 Americans each year, and just 6% of patients survive five years or more after diagnosis, because the disease metastasizes very early in its development and is resistant to most current treatments. Dr. Christine Alewine is a physician-scientist exploring new treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer. Her lab and clinic are testing and refining two recombinant immunotoxins that target a protein called mesothelin that is present on the surface of several types of cancer tumor cells, including pancreatic, ovarian, and some lung cancers. If clinical trials show that the drug is safe and effective, it could lead to much needed systemic therapies for these cancer patients.

Christine Campo Alewine, M.D., Ph.D., is an NIH Lasker Clinical Research Scholar and a Principal Investigator in the Laboratory of Molecular Biology at the NIH's National Cancer Institute (NCI) Center for Cancer Research (CCR). Learn more about Dr. Alewine and her research at